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Welcome to my blog. You will be able to find here tips for sustainable living and traveling. Choose one of the categories to get more information or read one of the newest articles.

Newest articles

  • Sustainable gifts
    Christmas is just around the corner and with it the question of what will be given this year. After I have already listed 55 sustainable gift ideas for less than 20 €, I would like to introduce you to more sustainable gifts today. No matter if it’s Christmas or a birthday, the list of sustainable …

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  • 55 sustainable gift ideas for the advent calendar
    Whether for the advent calendar or for the next birthday, sometimes it is difficult to come up with the right idea of what is to be packed. When it comes to being as sustainable as possible, the choice can be difficult. If you then look at a sustainable Advent calendar that needs to be filled, …

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  • Sustainable advent calendar
    Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the Advent season. But every year the new question arises: How can the Advent season be made as sustainable as possible? And what about the advent calendar anyway? Is it now completely banned? Theoretically, one could argue that the most sustainable advent calendar is not …

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  • All-purpose citrus cleaner
    All-purpose cleaners usually come in a wide variety of plastic bottles. Over time, a whole arsenal of various means accumulates and our closet is full of various colorful bottles and medications. Years ago I decided to put a stop to it. And so I looked for alternatives and came up with this super simple recipe …

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  • 14 Sustainable Apps
    Sustainable apps can be of great help in your desired lifestyle. Nowadays, the cell phone is usually always with you. So we can simply use it to further advance our sustainable lifestyle. Today I’m going to introduce you to a selection of apps that can help you with this. 1. Codecheck With the help of …

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